About us

The unrelenting growth of CN-Consult’s customer base is not only down to how skilled and dependable the team is, but also to the company’s extensive knowledge of the industry and how this knowledge is continuously applied to product development. These attributes have enabled us to successfully establish our “DiLoc” system in the dispatching, passenger information services and document distribution market. “DiLoc” has been tailored in particular to the requirements of small and medium-sized transportation companies operating in the passenger and freight transportation industries.

As a supplier of comprehensive, turnkey solutions, we also develop and manufacture innovative displays that provide passenger information. These displays make use of modern technology such as LED and TFT systems and are sold under the brand name “InnoScreen”.

1997 CN-Consult GmbH is founded in Germany

2007 Development of DiLoc begins

2009 CN-Consult GmbH is founded in Switzerland

2014 Development and manufacturing of InnoScreen begins

2017 CN-Tec GmbH is founded with the objective of refining the InnoScreen products

We are certified under the terms of ISO 9001:2015 and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) / ISO/TS 22163


  • Founding member of ITS Hessen e.V. Intelligente Transport- und Verkehrssysteme (its-hessen.de) (intelligent traffic and transportation systems)
  • Member of VDEI Verband Deutscher Eisenbahn-Ingenieure e.V. (vdei.de) (Association of German Railway Engineers).
  • Supporting member off NEE – Netzwerk Europäischer Eisenbahnen e. V. (www.netzwerk-bahnen.de)
  • Supporting member of mofair e. V. (www.mofair.de)
  • Supporting member of Verband öffentlicher Verkehr (www.voev.ch)